365 Days: 9 Creative Projects

To shape my amorphous family care-taking, creative entrepreneurial life, I’m using the skillshare.com class, How To Start (And Finish!) Your Very Own 365 Day Project by Cynthia Koo. The categories inspired me to get started. They are:

  1. Learn a skill.
  2. Do more of something or become better at something, ie, create a body of work.
  3. Build something.

I’m doing 2 skills, 2 bodies of work, and 2 to 4 builds, because:

  • A – I’m crazy.
  • B – I can’t not/Gonna do it anyway, so might as well be organized.
  • C – Gun to my head.

While all three may seem correct considering C as metaphorical, you would be right choosing B, as the correct answer in a multiple choice is always the longest one.

Skills I will learn/practice:

  1. Painting
  2. Screenplay coverage, aka being a screenplay reader. [UPDATE: Great program, but not the right time for me. See Hollywood Gatekeepers on facebook. They are wonderful!]

I will build these bodies of work/do more of/get better at:

  1. Drawing
  2. Writing Short Stories
  3. Writing Screenplays

Things I will build:

  1. A novel
  2. A graphic novel
  3. A creative business

And, I will add 1 more category, because why the hell not?

Creative Exploration:

To integrate my writing, drawing, and painting, I want to create companion online diaries by two characters from my screenplay, CARY RIVERS. Teresa and Val are middle school sisters in the 1970’s who believe the messiah for the New Age of Aquarius is a certain down-and-out stand-up comic named Cary Rivers who becomes their drama teacher to make ends meet.

I’ll post process notes and photos and maybe even some finished work somewhere along the way.

How is your creative process going?