Language Lovers, Check Out George Carlin

Signature of George Carlin.
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I just watched George Carlin:  The Mark Twain Prize (2008 winner) on PBS. Check out three minutes forty-eight seconds of his genius rhythmic language. Here’s to George, an inspiration to many who care about freedom, expression, and language.

And my personal favorite: “Stuff.”

Click here for Carlin’s site.

RIP George.

5 thoughts on “Language Lovers, Check Out George Carlin

  1. Great post on George Carlin! He certainly was ” The Voice of a Generation ” . I still remember where I was and the people I was with the first time I listened to ” Class Clown “. – Bill

  2. George was unfiltered and bona fide. His jokes made me laugh hysterically. To this day, my friends and I can recite all of his jokes line for line. After the abdominal pain from the laughter, we could do nothing more but to agree with the truth inside his jokes. George was fearless. The funniest thing about his standup, in my opinion, were his gestures, facial expressions and body language which ameliorated and delivered his punchlines. He is and will always be my favorite comedian.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Danny. He’s my favorite comedian, too. I agree. His performance style made powerful writing even more powerful. I’m in awe of writer-performers, especially comedians. They take such huge risks. As you say, Carlin was fearless!

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